10 Surprising things about living in Ja-Ela

Have you ever thought about living in one of Colombo’s fastest-growing suburbs? Then Ja- Ela is the best option! Living in Ja-Ela is one of the best things you can experience if you are planning to buy a home with a secured luxury with affordability.

Ja-Ela is a city with many excitements from its fascinating past, leisure buildings, and ideal for family relationships. The city is family-friendly with numerous other benefits. Talking about a family-friendly environment, everyone who wishes to buy a house looks for key factors before they choose a home: such as the environment, convenience, and cost of living. The following are 10 benefits you can gain by living in Ja-Ela!

10 benefits of living in Ja-Ela 

1. Attractive location with central access to main cities

Ja-Ela is located 18.4km from Colombo, approximately 28 minutes away! This suburb of Colombo can be reached from different routes and is situated in the Western province. Ja-Ela has central access to main cities such as Colombo, Negombo, and Gampaha and other cities such as Wattala, Kadawatha, Seeduwa, and Ganemulla. It also provides easy access to Kiribathgoda and Kelaniya with around 28-33 minutes drive.

2. Stress-free transport access 

Ja-Ela is consistent with easy and convenient transport to all other cities. With easy access to Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, highways including Kadawatha and Kerawalapitiya hubs, Kandy and Southern highways, central access point to Colombo, Negombo and Gampaha and train stations situated 4 minutes (2.4km) from the town. Also, the city is situated on the main road A3 (Peliyagoda through Negombo-Puttalam road), between the Colombo municipality and the Negombo municipality which is an added advantage for those commuting.

3. Easy Access to Healthcare

When you choose a location to live a healthy lifestyle, it is a must to have nearby or easy access to medical services. In Ja-Ela you have many emergency access medical centers including the Ja-Ela Divisional Hospital (5mins drive: 2.1Km), Nawaloka Medical Center (12mins drive: 4.8Km), Ja-Ea – Ragama Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd (13mins drive: 5Km) and many other private medical centers including veterinary clinics!

4. Ecological geography throughout the city

Geographically Ja-Ela is consistent with good soil conditions compared to other cities and approved groundwater levels for living. In 2019 Q1 according to Lanka Property Web, the land price in Ja-Ela has increased 29% from 2018 Q1 and it is due to a living-friendly geographical location. Along with these benefits, Ja-Ela also has ideal ground levels and is devoid of flooding or any other natural disasters.

5. Easy access to amenities

Living in Ja-Ela has one common benefit to everyone. That is the facilities the city provides along with shopping experiences, food outings to leisure parks, and other essential errands. Ja-Ela is consistent with top restaurants in the area such as Queens Grand Kitchen, H & C Restaurant, The Royal Indian and Paps Dining and as well as TOP shopping complexes including: K Zone, Orex City, Reality Plaza and many more!

6. Friendly and attractive surrounding

Ja-Ela is surrounded by many amusement and entertainment parks and leisure activities including Guruge Nature Park (1-minute drive: 400m from the town), Mayan Water Park (1-minute drive: 300m from the town) and Bopitya beach (14 minutes drive: 7.7km from the town).

Ja- Ela Surroundings

7. Sociable neighborhoods

The neighborhood in Ja-Ela is friendly and helpful. Further, it gives easy access to multiple religious places such as the Kelaniya temple (within 26mins drive), St. Anthony’s Church (1 minute from the town), The Grand Mosque (28mins: 17.4 km), and Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil (15mins: 8.6km).

8. Well reputed schools 

Ja- Ela has many well-reputed schools to choose, which are also located within few KMs from Ja-Ela town: Christ King College (9mins:3.9Km), Atamie International School (10mins:4.1Km), JMS International School (11mins: 4.3Km), Lyceum International School (10mins:3.6Km), St.Sebastian Balika Maha Vidyalaya Kandana (9mins:3.5Km) St.Sebastian’s College Kandana (9mins: 3.3Km) and as well as easy access to Colombo schools such as Royal College (48mins:29Km), Ananda College (36mins:24.7Km) and Musaeus College (38mins:25.9Km). So, basically, if you wish to commute to a school in a nearby city such as Colombo, you don’t have to worry about transport or traffic, since you can use the highway to get around easily.

9. Various business and career opportunities 

Ja-Ela also offers many business opportunities within the city and if you are looking to build your career, this city is ideal for many career opportunities including from retail to manufacturing. With convenient access to Harbour, Pettah markets, and other cities, your business and career opportunities can be increased! Even if you wish to commute, public transport systems for buses and trains are operated every 10/15mins.

10. Comfortable and affordable living in Ja-Ela

Ja-Ela is consistent with handy amenities and the community standards in the Ja-Ela area, the cost of living is notably lower compared to other cities; while Colombo land price is at av. 11 million per perch, you can live with the same luxury in Ja-Ela for less!

With all the above benefits, living in Ja-Ela is one of the best experiences one could have for life. It is a comfortable city to live with lots of access for growth opportunities.

If you wish to know more about living in Ja-Ela or regarding any other real-estate queries, Contact Kelsey Homes, The premier housing developer in Sri Lanka with over 35 years of Housing Excellence!

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