Buying a land and building your own home

In this series of “Buying Real Estate in Sri Lanka”, you are about to discover “Buying a land and building your own home”. If you haven’t read the previous article “Are you ready to buy a house?” click here. You can also find the entire series on “Buyers Guide”.

If you are planning on buying land and building your own home according to your dream design, then you are at the right spot! We thought of giving you some pretty exciting and important factors that you should know about buying land and building your own home! Here we will discuss the tips when buying land, current land rates in Sri Lanka as well as what to look for when building your own home.

6 Ways to find the perfect land to build your own home

There are many things to consider when building your own home. From having doubts about whether it is worth it to buy land and build a house to considering land prices, locations, sourcing the right material to build your own home, obtaining the necessary regulatory approval, etc. To ease your doubts, considering the following points would be helpful when buying land to build your own home:

1. Selecting your land location

primary factors of a land location

As a first step, you should know where you want to settle down! When selecting the location make sure you consider the below factors:

  • Your job
  • School/schools of your kid/kids
  • Availability of the utility facilities
  • Land soil conditions
  • Water levels
  • Highway access
  • Whether the land is located near a city or suburb
  • Neighbourhood

It is better to do a bit of research and consider all the above factors and figure out your preferred location before you proceed with the rest!

2. Finding a suitable and reasonable land price

Source : https://www.lankapropertyweb.com/house_prices.php

Finding land with a reasonable and affordable price is not that hard as many say! You do not have to worry, there are many lands in different locations for relatively lower prices. By allocating a bit of time and doing better research, you can easily find lands for a reasonable and affordable price and maybe sometimes with great offers!  

For that, you could get help from a real-estate developer! You will be able to select the best option from a vast range of land options, offers and deals!  According to Global Property Guide, Sri Lankan land prices in 2018 were increasing year on year at 15.3%. So, having someone in the field to guide you is an added advantage to your research!

3. Check how your land is zoned, land dimensions and house size

legal requirements for house building
Source : Digital Library – University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka.

When looking for land make sure to check the government land regulations. Due to the council restrictions that have been initiated with the land and road reservations, you may have to consider checking the zoning laws and regulations with the regional municipal council. Check UDA planning and building regulations before considering your house size and before you buy your land. Most people usually tend to do the reverse of this procedure and end up losing space when building the house due to reservation limits on the land.

4. Check your utility sources

It is better to check with the neighbours about the basic utility facilities such as general rainwater and sewer arrangements, telephone and electricity poles, strong network connection, etc. If these are not available nearby, you will have to spend extra money to get these done and it might disrupt your day-to-day lifestyle as well.

5. Land preparation to build the house

land preparation to build your own home

You will need to consider how much the land needs preparation before you can build your own home. Also, you might have to check the history of buildings in your land as sometimes debris from previous construction/demolitions might be buried under the soil. Therefore, before you buy the land, add these costs to check the worth of the land value. 

6. Check the neighbourhood

<!-- wp:image {"id":1398,"sizeSlug":"large"} --> <figurbest neighbourhood for a home

If you buy a specific land and then realize you will be building your own home next to a factory which will be noisy and might disturb your daily routine, you will surely lose your peace of mind! Making sure you have a healthy neighbourhood is good for yourself! 

Tips before building your own home

Stage two of building your dream home is to plan and design your house and to construct it without any delays or unnecessary costs. That’s why we thought of giving you some tips before building your own home! 

1. Select the right professionals to design your dream home 

right professionals to build your own home

Hiring a professional means you are allowing the experts to deliver innovative ideas regarding construction areas and layout designs of your dream home. Designing and building a home involves a lot of knowledge and skills and therefore you need to carefully select the right professionals to make one of your biggest dreams into reality!

2. Select the right real-estate developer

real estate developers to build your own home

A right professional real-estate developer will deliver your dream home without any hassles! So, when you select a real estate developer make sure they have experience and expertise in the same industry for a noticeable time period.

If you have the interest to get the service of a well-reputed and experienced real-estate developer, you can contact Kelsey Homes, the premier housing developer in Sri Lanka to get advice and the support you need to build your dream home.

3. Plan your construction cost

Construction cost to build your own home

Your budget for construction might fluctuate with the final costing including finishing costs. Hence make sure to agree upon a construction agreement along with the finalized design including elevations, sections, structural, electrical, plumbing, etc.

4. Getting your COC approvals

approvals for building a home

COC (Certificate of Conformity) is issued by the Pradeshiya Sabha to certify that a building has been constructed according to an approved survey plan. It is better to plan these in advance as the municipal council approvals might take a while if your design is not according to their UDA regulations and reservations. You will need to obtain your building approval before commencing your construction. 

With these details, the process of buying land and building your own home in Sri Lanka will be a hassle-free journey towards your dream home! If you have any doubts about buying land and building your own home in Sri Lanka or need any assistance in this regard, you are most welcome to contact Kelsey Homes; the premier housing developer in Sri Lanka with over 35 years of housing excellence!!!

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