Buying a new home? Here are the top 10 things to consider – Insights from Kelsey Homes

Buying a property will be one of the biggest and complex purchases that you will ever make. Investing time to study, evaluate and gain enough knowledge about the property is of paramount importance before signing off on the dotted line. As a premier property developer catering to the modern homeowners in Sri Lanka, with 35+ years of industry experience and expertise, Kelsey Homes (Pvt) Ltd has built its reputation on a strong and long-standing foundation of customer goodwill and trust. Here are the top 10 things that Kelsey Homes advises homeowners to look for before buying a property:

  1. A renowned developer with high credibility on quality and delivery:

Credibility really matters in the real estate industry so make sure to do detailed research on your developer if you are considering building or buying a home. With years of hard-earned savings invested into this dream, ensuring that your developer is reliable, trustworthy and dependable is essential. Kelsey Homes for instance has successfully completed (200) projects across the island, has been operational for more than 35 years and has many happy customers that you can talk to if needed.

  1. Proximity to the city/ place of work/ school

Wherever you decide to purchase your new home, commuting daily from that place to your workplace, and spending hours in traffic is not something anyone looks forward to. Considering the location of a home and its impact on convenience, time and money are some of the key deciding factors to look for when buying a property. With this in mind, Kelsey Homes is building apartments and gated housing developments that are strategically located in top residential areas such as Kottawa, Wattala and Negombo which are prime locations that are up-and-coming suburbs in the country. Kelsey Homes also ensures that each project is located in an area that offers a quick and hassle-free commute to main city centres, hence driving to work is not a time-consuming and stressful process.

  1. Price versus square footage

Though it can be tempting to measure the value of your new home on square footage alone, it is wise to consider other driving factors to get a holistic understanding of the property’s full value. Consider the price that has to be paid under different floor plans with varying square footage, but also equate it against the cost of buying the land in a similar location and building a new house from scratch. The luxury gated housing developments and apartments offered by Kelsey Homes, promise a high-quality lifestyle and for the price of your investment, you get a home that is fitted with ample amenities and facilities, in a convenient and private location. In addition, based on the property you buy, you will also get access to host of other value-added services such the use of gyms, kids play area, sauna & steam room, swimming pool and 24-hour security etc.

  1. Convenience

A tranquil location and one that is conducive to a convenient lifestyle are key things to consider.  All luxury gated housing developments and apartments by Kelsey Homes for instance are situated in very peaceful neighborhoods, so you won’t have to deal with noisy roads. You will also have quick access to everything you need, which makes it convenient to stop by nearby banks, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and drive to corporate offices and working hubs with ease.

  1. Clear deed

When buying a property, it is important to examine the title deed of the land to check whether the developer has the full ownership rights to it. A clear deed ensures transparency between both the contractor and the property buyer and will result in a smooth transfer of ownership. At Kelsey Homes, all homeowners are provided with clear property deeds so they can have added peace of mind about the ownership of their plot of their home.

  1. Surrounding neighbours

Though you can’t always choose your neighbours, you can control the type of neighbourhood that you move into. Having fellow residents and families around you with similar interests and values is one of the greatest benefits of living in a gated housing development.

  1. Facilities/Amenities offered

Amenities provided at the new home can make one of the biggest differences to your lifestyle and living experience. All luxury apartments and gated housing developments by Kelsey Homes come with an in-house gym, a good garbage disposal system with regular maintenance, 24- hour security services, high quality fittings and fixtures, extra amenities and plush interiors that elevate the overall living experience at home.

  1. Shared ownership of common facilities and Management Committee services

Most homebuyers are unaware of this form of ownership which allows individual ownership of one’s particular unit combined with shared ownership of the common facilities. To elaborate further, the homeowner has shared ownership of the common facilities such as lifts, passageways and paths. Hence, if a home is purchased within a gated housing development or apartment complex, the Management Committee ensures to upkeep these facilities with regular maintenance by collecting a nominal fee from the residents.

  1. Privacy

A key factor for a stress-free lifestyle is privacy. This helps to maintain the independence, individuality and overall comfort of an individual and family. Kelsey Homes ensures that all its apartments are comfortable and protects the privacy of all its residents, so they can feel totally safe and at ease whilst at home.

  1. The design

The structural integrity of the building and the layout of the home are key considerations for any buyer. Lookout for red flags such as cracking or broken pipes and walls, lack of ventilation in spaces and other important aspects that may affect your new home. Buying a home within a complex by Kelsey Homes lets you own a house that has been designed by a top architect, at a fraction of the cost that you would pay of hiring that architect directly. This gives homeowners that chance to invest in a property by elite architects, and this in turn increases the value of the home. Kelsey Homes also pays incredible attention to detail when it comes to ensuring seamless interiors and finishes, so you can be rest assured that you will get a beautifully designed home, which has everything you and your family need to enjoy a comfortable and happy life.


About Kelsey Homes: Kelsey Homes (Pvt) Ltd., is a premier property developer in Sri Lanka, with a rich heritage and a portfolio of over 200 real estate and housing projects. A fully owned subsidiary of Kelsey Developments PLC (part of Dunamis Capital PLC), Kelsey Homes is an industry pioneer that has delivered an array of living solutions and exclusive developments. Established in 1983, the company is a truly trusted developer known for delivering on its promises. The company is also dedicated to providing customers with high quality, beautifully designed homes within a gated environment and, 24-hour security. E.g.: TEMPLER’S SQUARE, Templer’s Road, Mount Lavinia. As a reflection of the company’s confidence and commitment, all homes include a 12-month defects liability period.


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