Enjoy the benefits of living in a gated housing development with Kelsey Homes

Choosing a home for your family is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. What many people often forget is the important role that a neighbourhood plays in creating a positive, safe and nurturing home environment. Everybody wants a sense of community – people with shared values around them. That is one of the biggest benefits of gated housing development living – a concept which Kelsey Homes have pioneered in Sri Lanka and artfully mastered over the years. Safe within the confines of its picturesque gates and fences, Kelsey Homes has built a variety of modern, functional and versatile homes across the island that gives families the peace of mind and security that they need to live life to the fullest.  Here are some of the top benefits of gated housing development living:

  1. You get it all – lots of extras, that add value to your lifestyle:

The gated housing developments that are constructed by Kelsey Homes are equipped with everything that you need to have a great quality of life and enjoy a wholesome neighbourhood experience. From jogging tracks to swimming pools, to children’s play areas and gymnasiums, you get access to a range of facilities that your entire family can enjoy. For example, in VERDANT VILLAS Negombo, a luxurious lifestyle is offered coupled with the finest amenities such as a swimming pool, club house, kids play area, tennis court, sauna and steam room and 24 hour security. With everything you need a hop, step and jump away from your house within the walls of your complex itself, there really is no need for additional gym memberships or other extra spends, which you can then channel elsewhere.

  1. Enjoy unparalleled levels of safety and privacy:

All of Kelsey Homes’ gated housing developments are known for providing a very safe environment – where security and privacy are top priorities. With 24/7 security, CCTV cameras and guards at the main entrance, you can be rest assured that you family is always safe. Going overseas on a business trip or heading outstation for a meeting, no longer has to be worrisome at all.

  1. Convenience – saving time, money and cutting out stress

All of Kelsey Homes’ gated housing developments, be it TEMPLER’S SQUARE in Mount Lavinia or URBAN GATEWAY in Kottawa, are all strategically located in close proximities to Colombo and prime suburbs. For example, URBAN GATEWAY Kottawa and URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala will only be 30 minutes away to Colombo/Port City in 2022 via the Port Access Elevated Highway. Further, these projects are strategically located in areas which offer quick access to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, banks, places of worship and entertainment centres, so you get everything you need and also run all of your daily errands with minimal hassle and no stress whatsoever.  To make life easier for you, most of the Kelsey Homes buildings are offered with extra amenities and good garbage disposal systems, to help save time and energy on menial tasks, so you can focus on spending quality time with your family.

  1. An investment that will grow with your family

With over 35 years of experience at the forefront of the real estate industry, Kelsey Homes has extensive experience in creating homes that families can truly thrive in. A home is one of the most important investments that you will ever make, and with Kelsey Homes you can be rest assured that you get exceptional value with your purchase. You get a beautiful and complete home, in a strategic location and in a secure environment. Each home is designed by some of Sri Lanka’s greatest architects such as Murad Ismail, so you have the chance to own a home that has great value. Additionally, the company puts immense effort into its finishes – adding only the best fittings and fixtures, creating warm and comfortable spaces that you can relax in. For example, Templer’s Square a highly successful completed project by Kelsey Homes, is an exclusive gated community of 100 houses set on six acres of prime land has unprecedented value appreciation that continues to grow in subsequent years.

  1. Neighbours that you’ll get on with

One of the greatest advantages of gated housing development living is that you get to live alongside neighbours with shared values and priorities, all whilst still retaining a sense of privacy. Your children will be able to play down the lane and enjoy a fun and wholesome life alongside other families who have similar interests. Having pleasant neighbours is also a great plus point of gated housing development living and enables you to enjoy an added sense of peace of mind.


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