Factors to consider when buying a house

In this series of “Buying Real Estate in Sri Lanka”, you are about to discover “Factors to consider when buying a house”. If you haven’t read the previous article “How to select the best financial institution for a housing loan in Sri Lanka?” click here. You can also find the entire series on “Buyers Guide”.

Home is the place where our peace lies. Even though most of us love to travel and visit places, we look forward to going back to our home and relax in our comfort zone. When selecting a new house to live in, it can be both exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. The reason behind this is, purchasing a house is a once in a lifetime decision that most of us make. Therefore, having good knowledge and a sound understanding before selecting a house will allow you to make the best decision.

Top 04 factors to consider when selecting a house

Out of many factors you need to think through, this guide emphasizes the most important factors to be considered when selecting a house. Reflect on all of these and see whether you have put in enough thought into these, so that you won’t miss out on anything!!!

1. The location

The location of the home and the neighbourhood is an important factor.  After all, what matters is whether you have selected the right place to live where you are most comfortable in. There is no such thing as a perfect location as, since different people prefer to live in different locations according to their requirements, location is a relative concept.

A majority , who are leading hectic lifestyles prefer to reside in a location that is convenient for them to reach their workplaces. However, a person who has a love for nature will choose more of a less residential but a peaceful and scenic location. After all, a home is much more than just an investment. As mentioned before it is where our peace lies and it is where we’ll create and cherish our memories for lifetime.

benefits of the location

2. Accessibility

With the current nature of busy lifestyles, it will be really convenient to live in an easily accessible location. Most of us love to live in a location that allows easy access to the places we frequently visit (work, school, shopping, recreation, place of worship, friends and family). Living in a location that is central to everything makes your life so easy because you don’t have to travel around much going from place to place. Also, it will save so much of your time and energy. 

Factors to consider selecting a home

3. Security

What really matters to most of us is leading a safe life with fewer risks. For a peaceful life, you need a secure place to live. That is why security matters when selecting a house.
Choose a house where you and your family can live peacefully where they are in safe hands. That means you have to select a location that has a considerable amount of security facilities. 

security of a house

4. Infrastructure

Selecting a home where there is a proper infrastructure system will make your life much more convenient. The availability of transportation is a factor that you should lookout for. You can’t wait for hours till a bus or taxi arrives right? Not only that, most of the young people are frustrated when it comes to slow wi-fi connections. A strong connection and coverage is a must for most in this day and age. Check whether there’s a proper waste disposal system too. Without proper infrastructure, it is hard to tackle and balance day to day activities.

Infrastructure to consider when selecting a house

Think about what you and your family require first and try to choose a house that satisfies those requirements. It is you and your loved ones who are going to live there for the rest of your life. Good luck with selecting the best house!!!

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