How do I know if it’s the right house?

In this series of “Buying Real Estate in Sri Lanka” you are about to discover “how will you know when you find the right house”. If you haven’t read the previous article “House Vs. Apartment – Which option is best for you?” click here. You can also find the entire series on “Buyers Guide”.

The feeling that you get when you enter a  house may matter the most when you select the right house.  Because it may not always be a good location, good neighborhood, infrastructure, and other so-called main factors that will make it the right purchasing decision. Even if you search for so many things in the first place, this single feeling may determine your final decision. After all, you have to spend almost an entire lifetime in the house you choose to live in. The feeling of comfort and the emotional connection you experience when you step inside the house is the right house you are looking for. We have given some points that will hint you that if it is the exact house for you. 

1. You have an urge to explore inside the house

First impression means a lot! When exploring your ideal house, if you get that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm it has the potential to be your next home. It is because something in that house has appealed to you. So you may get an urge to explore the inside of that house. You will get that “homely” feeling even before you purchase and settle down.

2. You feel protective about the house

Even if the home is not yet yours, you will have a sense of belonging. It is because that house has already captured some space in your heart. Even if your family member points out something offensive about the house for example, “there’s a tiny leak in the washbasin” hence you’ll defend by saying “ it’s okay, I’ll fix it afterwards, and so on. You will feel a bond and attachment even before you purchase the house.

finding the suitable home

3. You see a futuristic view

You’ll dream of a nice future in your house even before you purchase it if it’s the right one. It’s because of the feeling of belonging you experience when you initially step inside the house. You’ll close your eyes and imagine how you can beautifully arrange the place. You may even allocate the rooms for your family members and smile at yourself dreaming about your future life at home.

signs of finding the correct house

4. You won’t feel bad about anything

If you’ve made the correct decision of choosing your home, you won’t really feel bad about anything. That is because safety and a comforting feeling have been built up inside your mind. Therefore there aren’t any regrets left for the future. You can happily think “yes, I made the perfect decision!”.

5. You will stop looking for other houses

The right house will truly capture your heart so that you will end up buying it. Even when the sales agents try to convince you about other options, you will remain in the same decision if it is the right house for you.

signs of finding your home

6. You eagerly wait to tell others

You feel that you have something big and exciting to share with others. As soon as you go home you’ll describe your housing experience with exaggeration to your fellow family members.

exciting about new home

If it is the right house you’ll be enthusiastic to visit the house again to experience the amazing time you had. Yes, you have to think from your head, but also listen to your heart closely and select the most perfect house for you.

If you have any doubts about making the right housing choice you are most welcome to contact Kelsey Homes; the premier housing developer in Sri Lanka with over 35 years of housing excellence!!!

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