Kelsey Homes’ URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala is “Ready to move in”

Kelsey Homes’ URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala is “Ready to move in”

Rush to book before 31st August 2020 to avail a Rs.1 million discount


The purpose of this press release is to create awareness to potential buyers that Urban Heights Wattala is “Ready to Move in” and invite them to visit the complex on the open days on 15th and 16th August with a special focus on the Rs. one million discount valid until 31st August 2020.


The press release will highlight the amenities which the project offers, location centrality, the fact that it is Ready to move in, risk-free investment, COC (Certificate of conformity) being obtained etc.


The rationale behind this release is to create awareness and most importantly to induce potential buyers to make their reservation at  Urban Heights – Wattala, given that it is “Ready to move in” (hence zero financial risk), COC being obtained and the attractive discount of  Rs one million apart from the its facilities, location convenience which is offers.

  • 16 unit Apartment complex consisting 2 & 3 Bedroomed configurations.
  • Rs. 18.5 million upwards.
  • Only 7 units currently available.
  • COC (Certificate of Conformity) Obtained.
  • Exclusive Discount of Rs.1 million valid until 31st August 2020.



Kelsey Homes, the pioneering real estate developer in Sri Lanka, is ready to welcome prospective buyers of URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala for Open days on 15th and 16th August 2020. The complex is “Ready for you to move in!”, if you are a prospective buyer.

URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala is an exclusive  gated development of 16 units with a five-storey apartment complex comprising a line of upmarket, beautifully designed units available in 2 & 3 bedroomed configurations.  The units offer optimal value and a high return on investment and the residents will be able to access Colombo/Port City in 30 minutes by 2022, via the Port Access Elevated Highway while the Outer Circular Highway will also allow them to conveniently reach Colombo within a short time, despite living in the suburbs.

URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala offers residents a lifestyle of comfort and convenience. The apartment complex features a wide range of modern facilities including a fully equipped gymnasium and eye-catching views from the roof terrace including a view of the sea. The complex is equipped with a lift, a garbage collection point and allocated covered parking areas and 24-hour security, for all residents; ensuring that they remain safe at all times. Each spacious unit covers an area of 1,200+ square feet and priced from Rs. 18.5 million. With the COC (Certificate of conformity) obtained, the apartments are “ready to move in” immediately for the new owners. As only 7 units are available buyers will have limited opportunity. So, take advantage of this risk-free investment close to the urban town of Wattala. Potential buyers can enjoy an amazing discount of Rupees one million if they make the reservation by the 31st of August 2020.

“When selecting a home, affordability and accessibility are two key factors prospective buyers should consider, both of which are offered by URBAN HEIGHTS Wattala. Given the highly convenient location and the comfortable apartments within this gated housing development; professionals and reputed businessmen have found these apartments perfectly suited for their requirements. It is complete with all the conveniences of modern apartment living while each unit boasts of the finest equipment and facilities. Given the competitive price and the fact that the COC has already been obtained, buyers can move in immediately” stated. Eardley Perera, Chairman of Kelsey Developments PLC.

About Kelsey Homes: Kelsey Homes (Pvt) Ltd., is a premier property developer in Sri Lanka, with a rich heritage and a portfolio of over 200 real estate and housing projects and 2000+ satisfied customers. A fully owned subsidiary of Kelsey Developments PLC, Kelsey Homes is an industry pioneer that has delivered an array of living solutions and exclusive developments. Established in 1983, the company is a truly trusted developer known for delivering on its promises. The company is also dedicated to providing customers with high quality, beautifully designed homes within a gated environment and, 24-hour security. E.g.: TEMPLER’S SQUARE, Templer’s Road, Mount Lavinia. This is a highly successful project completed by Kelsey Homes, and it comprises of an exclusive gated housing development of 100 houses. These elegant homes set on six acres of prime land have had  unprecedented value appreciation in the succeeding years. As a reflection of the company’s confidence and commitment, all homes include a 12-month defects liability period.

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