The importance of family gardening to your children and you

If you were a kid who enjoyed a life with nature and its benefits or if you haven’t you know the value of it better than anyone else! So, why don’t you give that chance to your child through family gardening to experience the beauty and the benefits nature can provide?  

According to a research article published by Carney, P.A., Hamada, J.L., Rdesinski, R. et al. (2011) they have mentioned that “A community gardening program can reduce food insecurity, improve dietary intake and strengthen family relationships”. It clearly showed them that home gardening doesn’t only provide healthy food habits but it also supports building good family relationships. Especially, if you have children, family gardening is highly beneficial to strengthen your bond. Following are some benefits your children could have from family gardening: 

10 benefits of gardening for kids

  1. Create lasting memories for your kids  
  2. Explore their senses
  3. Encourage them for healthy eating habits
  4. Learn to take responsibility
  5. Develop math skills
  6. Teaches patience
  7. Learning to take care of the environment
  8. Boost ability to plan and organize
  9. Enhance family bonding and communication
  10. Provides learning through accomplishment, science, and pride

The above benefits help your kids to understand the importance of gardening and bonding with nature. Bryony describes these perfectly in her ‘10 Benefits of Gardening for the Family’ blog. From their childhood, they will learn to be responsible for what they do and learn to work for the final result. Getting your children involved in family gardening will affect their emotions drastically. 

How is the garden related to your kids’ growth?

 As we all know, gardening has many mental and physical benefits as it provides nature’s best ingredients to heal oneself! Gardening provides an ecosystem to balance the environment around you. According to Bright Horizons have described in their blog ( Benefits of Nature for Kids) that letting your children witness this has many benefits for their growth including social benefits, health benefits, and environmental benefits. 

  • Social benefits: allows your kids to engage with social life more openly and responsibly. 
  • Health benefits: gardening is a stress reliever. Even though we don’t think that children will be stressed out, it will help them to ease their thoughts and to look at educational challenges more clearly. 
  • Environmental benefits: your kid will know how to be responsible for environmental safety, how to protect, and even how to grow their own organic now and in the future.

Your children are not growing up in the same world as you did. For them, finding a way to get closer to nature is a challenge. So, when you are planning your house allocation/arrangement, make sure you spare space for them to the garden. So, in the future, they know how important it is to have a family garden because you showed them that it’s not just a garden but a bridge to build your family bonding.

Family gardening benefits for adults

Just like kids of all ages, adults too benefit from family gardening. Especially the ones who have a busy life and retired! UNC Health Talk, says that gardening not only produces benefits for your stomach but also towards your well-being! 

  • Gardening builds self-esteem through accomplishment
  • Strengthening your heart through cardiovascular activities of gardening
  • Reduces stress with allocating your mental health towards positivity
  • Healthy bacteria in the soil makes you happy by increasing levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety
  • Boost Vitamin D intake through healthy daily sunlight 
  • Reduce allergies to autoimmune diseases and increase immunity

From both physical and mental health benefits, an adult could adapt to a better immune system by gardening throughout their lifetime. A blog article on BBC (Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100) shows that people are gardening well into old age – their 80s, 90s, and beyond. This means that a family garden can benefit for a healthy life span. 

Having a family garden is important to your health as well as to educate your children about the importance of nature to life. When we take care of nature, nature will take care of us and we need to teach our children to do the same! 

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